Go 96.3 buys BringMeTheNews, Rick Kupchella cashes out

The former Kare 11 weekend anchor is moving on with healthcare news site PresentNation.

The former Kare 11 weekend anchor is moving on with healthcare news site PresentNation.

Forget the not-so-splashy deadline trade the Twins made last week. The Pohlad family is making moves.

The moneyed clan that owns the team and its radio home Go 96.3 announced that Go’s parent company acquired local news aggregator BringMeTheNews this week. The online and radio content hustler was the brainchild of Kare 11 expat Rick Kupchella, who left TV and launched the website in 2009.

When not broadcasting the Twins' recent slide, Go 96.3 bumps a mix of big-name modern rock and mainstreamier “indie” bands — a recent format switch from the former K-TWIN, which was accompanied by a boost in online music coverage.

In announcing the deal Joe Pohlad, Go96 Media’s executive VP, said together they want to become “the go-to source for local news, culture, entertainment and music.” Hey, that’s our thing!

“It fits well with what we’re trying to do,” says Pohlad in an interview. “We’re trying to be more of a media company here. They focus on all things local, as do we. … We share the same audience really.”

There won’t be any immediate changes under the new regime, although BringMeTheNews’ website will get an update down the line.

“You don’t want to tinker with anything quite yet until you are really sure about it,” Pohlad says. “Honestly, we’ve only owned it for a few days now so we want to get our feet in there, our hands in there and see how it works.”

While terms of the deal were not disclosed, Kupchella is cashing out and letting his news-curating baby go out on its own.

“Back in 2009, we were like two guys in a truck getting this business off the ground,” Kupchella says in a farewell video. “We started with exactly zero clicks on the website, everybody working every job pretty much around the clock. Within a few months we had a few hundred followers on our site. Now within a few years, we have 250,000 coming in the door every week, another 400,000 on our radio network weekly.”

The spacebar-averse newsman already has another venture in the works — healthcare news site PresentNation. PresentNation will launch a consumer-oriented website, as well as push content through third parties, helping companies with corporate-sounding things like “brand storytelling” and growing “consumer engagement” on a national scope.