Glenville kids have been harassing an elderly woman for decades

Does your grandma know you wrote "you bitch we hate you" on an old lady's window?

Does your grandma know you wrote "you bitch we hate you" on an old lady's window?

In the otherwise quiet town Glenville, population 643, a little old lady has been a target of harassment for 30 years, with fly-by-night delinquents shredding the two-plied fabric of our society. For the town’s teenage hell-raisers, her casa is a magnet for vandalism and streaming toilet paper. A select few degenerates routinely break and steal things from her property.

According to a letter she wrote Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag, the latest incidents occurred this summer when someone wrote “you bitch we hate you” on her window. That same week hooligans deserving of death sentences (or at least a few weeks without Xbox) knocked over her concrete deer statue. Each year the damage surges around Glenville-Emmons High School’s homecoming game, which took place last weekend. Days before the big game, Freitag issued a warning to the unknown culprits in a Facebook post that went viral, at least by Freeborn standards.

“I wanted to let them know there are consequences,” Freitag said in an interview. “Do the right thing. Quit picking on an old lady.”

This post is for the kids of Glenville-Emmons, and their parents. Please share it with them.For years, students of...

Freitag, a former Glenville resident, had heard of her house being hit in the past, but this was the first time he’d gotten a complaint. The sheriff’s since directed patrols to cruise by her house. And after seeing his post, at least two residents volunteered to stand guard on homecoming night. Freitag declined to release the woman’s name.

It sounds like homecoming shenanigans are Glenville tradition. Even Freitag’s been on the receiving end. With a chuckle, the lawman recalls the time some pimply rascals Saran wrapped his squad car. However, the elderly woman seems to get it worse because some kids think she’s a meanie.

Freitag, who’s never met the woman, doesn’t know how she got that rep, not that it’s an excuse. By shedding social media light on the harassment, the sheriff hopes to prevent future incidents and make the kids think about their actions.

“These kids antagonizing this old lady, no one’s saying they’re bad kids,” Freitag says. “They’re kids. Kids are infamous for not making good decisions.”