Glenn Beck mulling breakup with Michele Bachmann

Beck and Bachmann: on the rocks.
Beck and Bachmann: on the rocks.

Not so long ago, Glenn Beck had a serious crush on Michele Bachmann. His affection, seemingly, was reciprocated.

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But as happens in many relationships, Beck and Bachmann have drifted apart over the years. And now, Beck says he's considering a total break with Bachmann thanks to her outspoken support for the NSA spying policies championed by the Obama administration.

During his show yesterday, Beck ran a tape of Bachmann recently saying, "A false narrative has emerged that the federal government is taking in the content of Americans' phone calls. It's not true. It's not happening."

"[T]here is more information contained in the phone book that sits at home on your kitchen counter about each one of us the national security database," she continued. "Is there a privacy right as to what's been written on that envelope? No there isn't. Where there is a privacy right is what's contained inside that envelope."

The Blaze describes Beck's ensuing reaction:

The camera then panned to Beck, who had written on his chalkboard: "Michele B- is not dead to me, but she is in very ill health."

He joked that he's feeling fickle and tired today and that he still thinks highly of the congresswoman, before saying in a more serious tone that "this has gotta stop."

If Bachmann had said something like, "Nobody's reading your stuff, but they are storing [and] keeping records on every single American," instead of repeatedly referring to a "false narrative" that he believes is misleading, Beck said he would have no problem.

She could have also said something like, "Look, I'm on the Intelligence Committee...[and] the American people don't know what a precarious situation we're in. While I'm gravely concerned about the NSA, I happen to think that we are in bigger trouble because [of a] more clear and present danger of the people who...want to kill us," Beck suggested.

But to imply that the phone book has more information on you than the NSA, Beck said, is "insulting."

"What do you think the Utah data storage center is for, Michele? Please don't treat me like a moron. What are they storing in there? They're not storing eggs and meat...they're storing our records and our information... And this universal health care is going to make the NSA look like a rookie. They are storing records on every single American. All of our movements, all of our emails, and all of our purchases, all being stored. We know that."

"There's no freedom there and that's not a false narrative, Michele Bachmann, and shame on you for saying that," he said. "Shame on you. And I like you and I respect you, but shame on you."

In any event, it's hard to square Bachmann's paranoid skepticism about the motives of the federal government when it comes Obamacare and Benghazi with her apparently trust in the NSA's massive spying program. Then again, Michele has never been known for her coherence.

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