Glenn Beck lusts for Michele Bachmann in "sweet telephonic love" [AUDIO]

Birds of a feather.

Birds of a feather.

We'll give Glenn Beck this much credit in his plea for Michele Bachmann's affections: At least he properly assigns George W. Bush the blame for the downfall of incandescent lighting.

That's more than Bachmann has managed to do. But of course, as she herself has said, Glenn Beck can explain anything.


What set his heart a-flutter? Bachmann's Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, currently going nowhere in Congress.

And Michele Bachmann wants a new pro-choice law. Yes. Michele Bachmann wants a pro-choice law, and I'm for it. Michele Bachmann, if I weren't married, you weren't married, and I wasn't so hideous, I'd ask you to marry me. It's a pro-choice law for light bulbs. I'm sending her flowers today.

Oh. Give it to me. Yes. Yes. Michele Bachmann. Just you and me. The lights turned down low or bright or, it doesn't matter because they're incandescent. I like them bright, I like them low. Oh yes, just you and me in the incandescent glow. May I quote a great 21st century poet? "Boom. Winning."

Arab protests, the federal deficit, lightbulbs: Glenn Beck can explain anything.

Arab protests, the federal deficit, lightbulbs: Glenn Beck can explain anything.

I have to tell you, I have to tell you, Michele Bachmann - can you get her on the phone? Because I'd like to make sweet telephonic love to her today.

That Glenn Beck, what a joker.

For what it's worth, Beck and Bachmann are spinning a bunch of nonsense. The light bulb rules that Bush signed into law as part of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act are hardly an act of tyranny:

PolitiFact Texas talked with the Dallas-based American Lighting Association, a trade group whose director of engineering and technology, Terry McGowan, said in an e-mail that it's a stretch to say federal laws are telling us what light bulbs to buy. "Federal law is requiring that household light bulbs be made more efficient in steps over time as a nationwide energy-saving measure. It's like saying that new cars will have to deliver more miles/gallon.

But as we've pointed out before, this is hardly the first time Bachmann has struck a blow against the Vast Light Bulb Conspiracy.

Hat tip: Avidor.