Glenn Beck blames federal investigation into Bachmann on Minnesota's Somali population [VIDEO]

Beck's knowledge of Minnesota leaves a thing or twenty to be desired, to put it charitably.
Beck's knowledge of Minnesota leaves a thing or twenty to be desired, to put it charitably.

Glenn Beck took a page out of Michele Bachmann's playbook while coming to the beleaguered congresswoman's defense this week. He blamed the ethical mess she finds herself in on those damn Muslims -- in particular, Minnesota's Somali population.

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But Beck's analysis of Bachmann's plight seems to rest on a misunderstanding of Minnesota's demographics. He repeatedly claimed that the State Department settles Somali immigrants "in one of her districts." But Bachmann, of course, represents the exurbs around St. Cloud, not any part of the metro core. So we're not really sure what Beck was talking about, but then again, since when have facts mattered for him anyway? (Though in fairness, a colleague points out that St. Cloud does have a significant Somali population, so if one wants to be charitable they could interpret Beck as referring to that.)

Here's a transcript of Beck's remarks about Bachmann, followed by the raw audio and video:

We have been sold to radical Islam, it [has] infiltrated and we have documented it since George Bush was in office. It's not just this guy, it was the last guy too, and we knew it. The minute we saw George Bush standing in a mosque saying, 'You know what guys, Islam is a religion of peace,' we knew something was wrong.

You see what they're doing to Michele Bachmann? Michele Bachmann is under all kinds of ethics investigations now. Why do you suppose that is? She's evil? [sarcastically] Yeah, mmhmm. She is uber-clear on what's going on. Uber clear. She's in Minnesota. First of all, you have the nightmare of progressivism that runs rampant in Minnesota. But what else do you have in Minnesota?

Do you know one of her districts is being settled by the State Department? Do you know the State Department just takes Somalis and just says, 'Oh by the way all you guys from Somalia, ah, you're going to go over here and we're just going to develop a community for you here.' In her district. And the State Department is just pushing them all into Minnesota. So she has asked the questions, Why? Why is my district -- how did that even happen?

Why was my district selected for this? [Beck's sidekick asks, "Has she gotten any answers?"] No, she hasn't gotten any answers and now she's under investigation.

Or it could just be that an embittered former staffer (a staunch Republican, no less) decided to whistleblow to the Federal Elections Commission about the Bachmann campaign's alleged shady financial dealings. We're happy to let Occam's razor decide between our hypothesis and Beck's.

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