Glen Taylor paid $10K for Bachmann-Palin photo op


So, who shelled out $10,000 for a photo op with Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin last week? Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and at least five other individuals, according to an FEC report cited by the Star Tribune.

Bachmann for Congress, meanwhile, reports $810,000 in first-quarter donations, and $1.53 million on hand. The Bachmann-Palin fundraiser, and Bachmann's birthday fundraising campaign will be reported in the second quarter.

Bachmann's DFL-endorsed challenger, Tarryl Clark, brought her fundraising total up to $1.1 million after scoring $505,000 in the first three months of this year alone-- nearly double what DFLer Elwyn Tinklenberg had raked in this time last election cycle against Bachmann. Her campaign has shattered the Minnesota U.S. House fundraising record for first quarter of an election year.

Dr. Maureen Reed, who lost the DFL endorsement to Clark, said yesterday that raised $204,000 in Q1, and announced she was loaning herself $250,000 of her own money to keep her campaign running.