Glen Perkins buys round of beers for Twins fans stuck at Target Field during rain delay

Perkins gets our (unofficial) Best Of award for "Twins Player We'd Most Like to Befriend."
Perkins gets our (unofficial) Best Of award for "Twins Player We'd Most Like to Befriend."

On Saturday night, Twins closer Glen Perkins did something Andrew W.K. would be proud of.

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Perkins bought a round of free drinks for a group of fans who were imbibing at Kent Hrbek's Target Field bar during a rain delay.

The group of fans in question were probably plenty keyed up even before Perkins opened his wallet, as they were there as part of the "Grand Drunk Railroad" pub crawl event promoted by Twins blogger Aaron Gleeman.

Here's what Gleeman had to say about the role Perkins played in keeping the party party party going:

I went on/co-organized an all-day light rail pub crawl Saturday in which 100 of us ended up at the Twins-Rays game at Target Field, except it rained for basically the entire night. I assessed the situation and chose not to go into the ballpark right away, staying a couple blocks away to continue bar-hopping, but about half of the pub crawl crew was already in Target Field and killed time at Kent Hrbek's bar.

At some point during the delay Twins reliever Glen Perkins, who in addition to being one of the league's best closers is also a native Minnesotan and very active on Twitter, sent his credit card over to Hrbek's and bought a round of beers for everyone in the group. I finally made my way into Target Field a couple hours later and a bunch of us were going to thank him by yelling stuff at Perkins while he warmed up in the bullpen, but then everyone got creeped out by the whole "distracting someone while they're technically working" vibe.

So, yeah: Thanks for beers, Glen.

Perkins is rich, of course, but his gesture is all the more impressive because buying a round of beers for 100 people at Target Field would require most of us to sell all our possessions and donate plasma every week the rest of our lives.

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