GLCAC drops new name

The Gay and Lesbian Community Action Council announced Jan. 22 that it would rescind its newly adopted name, "Q Minnesota," and begin an immediate search for a new moniker. Until a new name is selected, the organization will use the interim name "Committee for a Legislative Voice."

The organization decided to drop the name after Q Monthly, published by Minneapolis-based City Pages Inc., suggested that the title was confusingly similar to its own. Q Monthly publisher Mark Bartel contacted GLCAC in mid-December to express his concern that the use of the name "Q Minnesota" could cause confusion between the two entities.

Bartel met with DeGroot and GLCAC representatives in mid-January to discuss replacement of the name. GLCAC decided that the possibility of confusion was a legitimate concern, and agreed to drop the new name. In exchange, Q Monthly agreed to donate advertising space to the organization in order to help publicize the new name when it is selected. DeGroot says the organization hopes to announce a new name by May 1998.

The GLCAC announced in October of last year that it would restructure and form a parent corporation with a new name by Jan. 1, 1998. According to executive director Ann DeGroot, the name "Q Minnesota" was chosen because it is short, concise, and inclusive of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.

DeGroot says that the Committee for a Legislative Voice has begun working to develop a new name and welcomes suggestions from the GLBT community. Send your ideas to GLCAC, 310 E. 38th St. - Room 204, Minneapolis, MN 55409. The GLCAC can be reached by fax at 822-8786 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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