MORE lost gobs of cash thanks to website crash

This page greeted some of the folks who tried to access today and donate.
This page greeted some of the folks who tried to access today and donate.
Screengrab via Star Tribune

What do the Obamacare website and have in common today? They both work about as well as e-pulltabs have in funding the Vikings stadium.

About two-thirds of the way though today's "Give to the Max Day," heavy traffic caused the Razoo-powered GiveMN site to give out. And while the coincidence of the crash happening around the same time Barack offered up his mea culpa about the Affordable Care Act's balky website may have caused some to chuckle, it's certainly no laughing matter for Minnesota's nonprofits.

The GiveMN site, which according to the Star Tribune raised more than $16 million for 4,400 Minnesota charities and schools last Give to the Max Day alone, crashed about 1 this afternoon and remains down as this is written shortly after 4:30 p.m.

A TECHdotMN blog post published just before 2 p.m. assesses the possible damage:

A quick analysis of $9m raised by 30k+ donors after 15 hours (pre-crash estimates) would equate to $10k from 35 unique transactions every minute. With downtime currently at around 45 minutes, there's cumulative opportunity loss of ~$500k so far in potential donations, approaching $600k/hr.

So, assuming TECHdotMN is accurate with its roughly $600,000-per-hour estimate, that means may have lost out on more than a million dollars in donations during its three-hours-and-counting outage. (Those losses, of course, will be somewhat mitigated assuming some of those who were unable to donate this afternoon thanks to technical difficulties do so once the site is back up and running.)

In sum, it hasn't been a good day to have your well-being -- politically, financially, or otherwise -- staked to the smooth operation of a website.

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