Girl Scout cookie sales top nation thanks to "Minnesota Nice"


Girl Scouts in the eastern Minnesota and four Wisconsin counties sold 4.2 million boxes of cookies. That's up 100,000 from last year and is the biggest total sale for any council in the country.

How does the council explain it?

"I think the philanthropic culture of Minnesota is such that people don't like to say no,'' Tisha Bolger, chief operating officer for the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys, told the Star Tribune.

False. C'mon folks! Don't blame "Minnesota Nice" for your cookie habit. Why can't we all just embrace the fact that these cookies are amazing and support young ladies in the community? And anything you can only get "once" a year is automatically more appealing. But that "once a year" thing is a joke. Let's not start talking about the number of Minnesota freezers we've seen stacked with Thin Mints as if they will never be sold again.

Our Girl Scout council is the 10th largest in the county with 35,000 girls selling cookies this year. Each girl sold an average of 125 to 135 boxes each. Nationwide, Girl Scouts sold 192 million boxes.

If you are one of the poor souls that didn't get your box (or five) this year, it's not too late! Girl Scouts will be stationed around town this month selling boxes. Check out the Cookie Locator to find out when they will be in your 'hood.