Girl: Can't remember sexual contact with coach


What's going on here? Slick lawyering, that's what. Melissa Koehn, a former basketball coach at St. Croix Lutheran High School, was arrested in December after an Apple Valley cop says he caught her making out with another girl in a parked car. The girl, a teenager who shall remain nameless, was a member of the school's basketball team. Police said they interviewed the pair separately, and both said they'd had sexual contact, starting in August 2008. Koehn also incurred the wrath of the teenager's mother, who told police about a string of late-night phone calls and texting, and a love letter from the coach -- and that she told the coach to leave her daughter alone.

Now, Koehn, 31, of Kenosha, Wis., in on trial for three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving someone age 16 or 17 -- felony charges because the subject is more than four years older than the alleged victim and in a position of authority at the time of alleged crime.

Slam dunk? Hardly. On Wednesday, prosecutors were flummoxed when the alleged object of Koehn's desire took the witness stand in Dakota County District Court and said, effectively, that she couldn't remember if she had ever had sexual conduct with Koehn. And here's another catch. Koehn's lawyer, Richard Ohlenberg, told the PiPress that his client was on a leave of absence from the school at the time of the arrest. That would mean she was not in a position of authority over the teenager at the time of the arrest.

"There's nothing wrong with kissing or texting," he told the PiPress.