Gigantic, extremely rare albino muskie caught on Twin Cities lake [PHOTO]

The big monster might look dead, but it isn't -- it's an albino.
The big monster might look dead, but it isn't -- it's an albino.
Courtesy of Joe Mikalojczyk via the Star Tribune

Early Monday morning, 23-year-old Coon Rapids resident Joe Mikalojczyk caught a fish that's so rare, some folks who study fish for a living haven't even heard of it.

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And as if catching an albino muskie isn't cool enough, as an added bonus, the thing was huge, clocking in at a monstrous 46 inches long.

In reports about his accomplishment, Mikalojczyk doesn't kiss and tell about which metro-area lake he caught the albino muskie on. Some think his lips are sealed out of consideration for the fish, which he released back into the lake.

"He was a strong fighter,'' Mikalojczyk told the Star Tribune. "He was pulling my rod down like crazy. It took about five minutes to get him close to the boat. When we did, the fish looked like a ghost. It was whiter than anything I'd ever seen.''

In a 2005 AP report about an albino muskie that was caught in Wisconsin, John Lyons, a longtime fisheries researcher for the state Department of Natural Resources in Madison, said, "I've never seen nor heard of an albino muskie, so it's an unusual fish to say the least."

Well, they're out there, Mr. Lyons. Just don't expect Mikalojczyk to help you find the huge one swimming in a Twin Cities lake.

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