Gift idea: designated-driver cards

Gift idea: designated-driver cards

What loved one wouldn't be thrilled to receive such a gift?

Subtle? Um, no. Seriously, though, it's a good reminder that cops are cracking down on drinking and driving right now. The Minnesota Department of Safety even set up a Web site encouraging people to remind the lushes in their lives not to imbibe and drive. Just fill out the little form at and your friend will get an e-card like this:

Hi _______,

You have received the gift of a safe lift!

_____ has offered to be your designated driver for a night out.

Minnesota cops are cracking down on impaired drivers now, so avoid a DWI -- email _______to book your safe ride now.

And, be sure to return the favor -- send a Designated Driver Gift Certificate to a friend to offer a safe ride.

Okay, so it's not cool. But you probably want to remember the number of cops out on the road. In the weekends before Christmas over the last three years, 1,735 motorists were arrested for DWI, or an average of 193 arrests a day -- nearly double the average rate of 100 arrests per day for 2008.

The Designated Driver Gift Cards will be distributed statewide to liquor stores, bars and other retailers by DPS and its law enforcement partners; Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association; Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association; and the Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association. The cards also will be available at the Metrodome during Vikings December home games.

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