Giant plume of smoke rises in Northeast Minneapolis

The mysterious plume.

The mysterious plume.

Concerned downtown Minneapolis worker Liz Bley sent us a photo this morning of what appears to be a giant plume of smoke rising over Northeast Minneapolis. Yikes!

We called the fire department to track down the cause, and they said there weren't any fires today worth noting. Then we sent them the photo, and got the word: The spectacular cloud was most likely caused by a roof fire at 2626 Second Street Northeast. The cause of the fire is unknown, says Cherie Penn, of the Minneapolis Fire Department.


At around 10:05 a.m., someone reported the fire. Workers were tarring the roof of a commercial business, when a nearby propane tank ignited. Only a small area of the roof was affected.

When firefighters arrived at the address, they quickly extinguished the fire and categorized it as "small." No one was injured, and by 11 a.m. the firefighting work was done.

"Something like this that can look spectacular on an aerial shot," Penn says. "There's no good story here--it was just a little fire. We would have pretty much called it a non-incident."

It made quite the smoke plume, though.