Ghost Bike memorial ride to remember recent bikers killed

Ghost Bike Memorials have erupted around the city to honor bikers who have been killed recently in accidents. To remember the fallen, cyclists will take a 13.6-mile Ghost Bike Memorial ride Saturday to visit the accident sites.

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What: The bikers will take two routes: a 13.6-mile ride in the Twin Cities and an extra 14.3-mile trip to Blaine to place a Ghost Bike at Central and Cloverleaf, where cyclist Dale Aanenson was killed Sept. 22.

Where/When: Bikers will meet on the traffic island at Summit and Snelling Avenues in St. Paul on Oct. 4th, 2008. The ride will meet at 10:30 am; depart 11:00 am

Participating cyclists are being asked to wear a black shirt with orange ribbon around their arm or handlebars. Ribbon will be provided before the ride.

The ride will honor Dale Phillip Aanenson, Virginia M. Heuer, Nik Morton and Jimmy Nisser.

For more information visit Ghost Bike Minneapolis or email the organizers.

Picture from Flickr.

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