Getting the Government We Deserve

(or, Why Anyone Gives a Rip About Monica Lewinsky) and Newspaper Coverage Thereof: a media analysis of 25 national and regional newspapers from 1989 to the present measuring the incidence of the following words and phrases


Sex scandal 462 stories
Bribery scandal 343 stories
Iran-Contra 717 stories
Paula Jones 714 stories
Gennifer Flowers 169 stories
Impeach, Iran-Contra 2 stories
Impeach, wrongdoing 0 stories
Impeach Reagan 2 stories
Impeach Bush 6 stories
Impeach Clinton 15 stories
Hate sex 42 stories
Hate Reagan 11 stories
Hate Bush 44 stories
Hate Clinton 172 stories
Sex, evil 39 stories
Money, evil 81 stories
Government, evil 108 stories
Government, corrupt 351 stories
President, evil 158 stories
Sex, Satan 5 stories
President, Satan 15 stories
Reagan, sex 23 stories
Bush, sex 104 stories
Clinton, sex 371 stories
President, sex 625 stories
President, corrupt 292 stories
President, wrongdoing 231 stories
President, unfair 360 stories
President, conservation 480 stories
President, affordable housing 76 stories
Government, failure 1,088 stories
Government, success 931 stories
Government, noble 50 stories
Government, honorable 22 stories
Congress, sex 282 stories
Congress, corrupt 95 stories

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