Getting huffy

Arianna Huffington's foray into celeb-blogging has been viewed as more of a stumble, causing some to wonder if she's a conservative mole serving up the liberal lambs to the slaughter. Sure, Huffington opted for a bad senior-photo pose that'd look right at home in an Onion column, and some dude you've never heard of is taking pot shots at Russell Simmons (yawn), but the news blog certainly is gaining a lot of attention from the right-wing blogosphere in the form of "free advertising."

(Perhaps the funniest Huffington Post blog post so far is from David Rees, of "Get Your War On," who pokes fun of the blog's insularity and celeb commentators.)

While the blog might be getting skewered from all sides of the politial pit since it first emerged three days ago, The Huffington Post  also has garnered itself a celeb-style nickname: HuffPo. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean instant credibility. If HuffPo is anything like J. Lo, it's getting dizzy from the downward spiral into the overflowing dustbins of has-beens. And like  Ms. Lopez's failing career, critics have been quick to call HuffPo totally doomed. For the sake of lefty bloggers everywhere, we're anxiously awaiting the next WaPo poll that tells us otherwise.

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