Gettin' laid in Twin Cities parks

Gettin' laid in Twin Cities parks
Photo by spaceamoeba

One of our sister papers, The Pitch in Kansas City, did a feature story last week on some of the parks known for some sexy (and illegal) activity going down in their hometown. The writer also featured some of the notable spots in cities across the country that other Village Voice Media publication call home.

We mentioned Crosby Park in St. Paul as one spot known as a problem spot in the Twin Cities, but we know there are many others. Crosby has been known as a popular place for gay cruising. We've got parks for the sketchy and parks for the flat-out sexually adventurous. It's not all bad after all.

What other parks in town do people get busted getting it on? And where can you go to have a little innocent fun outdoors without letting the cops in on the secret? We'd love to hear your stories.

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