Get ready for another E-Junk Tsunami

Even after last year’s

"electronics tsunami,"

environmental activists are again trying to help Minnesotans get rid of their dusty TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computers and other dubbed E-Junk for free.

Waste Management, Sony Electronics and Best Buy will host electronic disposal drives at five different Twin City locations April 11 & 12.

The amount of electronic waste is on the rise and managing the issue has become increasingly important, especially with the FCC-mandated switch to all digital TV signals by Feb. 2009. Trashing electronic waste became illegal in Minnesota in 2007.

“We expect this to be the largest recycling event ever in the sate of Minnesota. We’re hoping to collect 1 to 3 million pounds of electronics this at this event alone,” says Julie Ketchum, a spokeswoman for Waste Management.

At last year’s event, held at the Mall of America, some 1.5 million pounds of e-waste were collected in little more than day, causing a back up of thousands of cars on the streets and highways surrounding the mall. The event had to close early because of the excessive demand.

This year to avoid confusion and meet demand, organizers chose spots with ample space for drop off points, herding TV totting customers to places like Canterbury Park Racetrack and Minnesota State Fair Grounds.

A complete listing of drop off points is available by clicking here.

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