Get paid to shovel TCF Stadium for Monday Night Football [UPDATED x2]

The Vikings need an army of snow shovelers.

The Vikings need an army of snow shovelers.

Looking for a break from the crappy economy? Searching for a way to make some extra bucks to put presents under the Christmas Tree? The Minnesota Vikings and the University of Minnesota need you.

The Vikings are willing to pay anyone $10-$15 per hour in 6-hour shifts starting at 8 a.m. Thursday to shovel all the snow out of TCF Bank Stadium before the Bears show up for Monday Night Football.

UPDATE: TCF Stadium shoveling video: What you're in for if you volunteer for $10 an hour


Earlier this afternoon, the U of M's Associate Director of Athletic Communications Andrew Seeley sent us an email asking us to take down this story:

Could you please remove that story from the City Pages about being paid to shovel at TCF Bank Stadium. The U is not paying. They are allowing volunteers who want to help to come and help out.

So we wrote back and asked:

Andrew Seeley says the U isn't paying you to shovel its stadium.

Andrew Seeley says the U isn't paying you to shovel its stadium.

Could you explain why the posting was originally made and then taken down?

To which he responded:

Ask the Vikings ... that was their post.

After hearing reports the decision had yet again been reversed, we asked Seeley to clarify, and it turns out the Vikings will indeed be paying the TCF shovelers after a discussion about liability issues at 3 p.m.:

Yes. That's correct. I apologize for the confusion. That all changed at about 3 p.m. The Vikings wanted people to be paid employees as opposed to volunteers. I guess it was a liability issue.

Here is the updated press release:

University of Minnesota Athletics announced Wednesday afternoon that individuals interested in helping shovel snow and clear sections at TCF Bank Stadium will be paid for their work.

Temporary staffing agencies will be on site to sign up workers as long as they are needed to help clear the facility of snow in preparation for Monday night's Vikings-Bears game.

Individuals interested in helping with snow removal should arrive at TCF Bank Stadium for one of the three four-hour shifts on Thursday. The shifts begin at 8 a.m., Noon and 4 p.m., respectively, and workers should meet outside the Lincoln County entrance to TCF Bank Stadium prior.

Workers must be 18 years of age and must bring a driver's license or state identification card and a social security card or passport to sign up to work. Workers may also bring a scoop shovel and should wear proper winter outdoor attire. Parking will be provided free of charge for workers in Lot 37, located just north of Mariucci Arena on Southeast 5th Street.

For more information on helping with the snow removal at TCF Bank Stadium, please call 612.626.4110.