Get a load of these pranksters running on cars in Minneapolis [VIDEO]


Video of a few guys running on cars in Minneapolis made the viral rounds on Wednesday. WCCO Youtube

About 200,000 people watched a short video clip of a few jokers in north Minneapolis "car jumping," or running up the front of cars stuck in traffic and jumping off the back of them. 

If you think you'd be into that, you're out of luck. The viral Facebook video has been deleted, perhaps wisely, as it had come to the attention of the Minneapolis Police Department. 

It exists now only in short clips inserted into a WCCO news report from Wednesday night, which covered the video as high-flying hijinks which could wind up with someone seriously hurt.

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman Corey Schmidt tells the station some car owners might react "very negatively" to getting their hood stomped on, and it might lead to "conflicts that could become violent." 

That's true, though whoever's in the car would have to catch these guys first. Interfering with traffic violates a city ordinance, Schmidt says, and actual damage to someone else's car is a criminal offense under state law. If your car was one of those depicted in these videos -- or was used as a launch pad by anyone else -- police are asking people to call in the crimes. 

Both the Facebook page and the Flipagram (what now?) account associated with sharing the video appear to have been deleted. Anyone with knowledge of the car jumper suspects can report them to the cops at 612-692-TIPS (8177)... or just tell them directly to knock it off before someone rolls an ankle. Or jumps off a car and right into oncoming traffic.

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