German Robles-Garcia's felony kidnapping spree ends badly

Steal money from Robles-Garcia and he will chase you down.

Steal money from Robles-Garcia and he will chase you down.

The Minneapolis man recently sentenced to 50 years in federal prison turns out to be a former Mexicali policeman who used his sleuthing skills in a vengeance kidnapping.

German Robles-Garcia, 29, was sentenced December 21 on charges of kidnapping and drug distribution, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Iowa announced this week.


Between April 2009 and February 2010, Robles-Garcia distributed methamphetamine and cocaine in the Sioux City area. Somewhere along the way, one of his clients--a man named Martin Garcia-Huerta--stiffed him about $100,000. So Robles-Garcia decided to get even.

Robles-Garcia pulled out his old detective skills and tried to track down Garcia-Huerta, who was a drug dealer in his own right and apparently had a pattern of not paying his suppliers. Perhaps this was why he had so many nicknames. In addition to his real name, Garcia-Huerta was also known as Marco Valdez, Jorge Garcia-Huerta, Enoc Herta-Guzman, Gavino Barrera Sandoval, Juan Carlos Zurita-Islas, El Primo, and El Viejo.

By the time that Robles-Garcia wised up to the missing funds, Garcia-Huerta had vanished. So the angry dealer kidnapped his debtor's brother-in-law instead.

Robles-Garcia held a gun to 18-year-old Raul Tapia-Marroquin's head and demanded to know where Garcia-Huerta was. Then Robles-Garcia sent Tapia-Marroquin out to collect to pay his brother-in-law's debt.

But Tapia-Marroquin didn't exactly cooperate. The first place Tapia-Marroquin was let out to collect was conveniently located near a grocery store. Tapia-Marroquin ran in and hit the alarm. The police rushed to the store, and then it was all over. Tapia-Marroquin spilled the beans and outed Robles-Garcia.

In addition to the 50-year prison sentence, Robles-Garcia got hit with a $200 fine. Now that's an insult.

Understandably, Robles-Garcia has appealed the court decision.