Georgian named Billy Jack beats up cops at sixth-grade choir concert in Shakopee, gets arrested

Billy Jack literally fought the law, and though he kicked ass for a while, eventually the law won.
Billy Jack literally fought the law, and though he kicked ass for a while, eventually the law won.

Billy Jack Melton brought his brand of drunken southern justice to the most sober of occasions -- a sixth-grade choir concert at Shakopee High School.

Melton, a 34-year-old Georgia resident, was at the school on May 24 to watch his girlfriend's child perform. Reeking of booze, he climbed on stage to film the performance, at which point school staff and Shakopee Middle School Principal John Jacobson asked him to leave.

But once outside the building, Billy Jack became belligerent. He took his shirt off and challenged Jacobson to a fight -- and then all hell broke loose.

Melton hopped in a vehicle with his girlfriend and her five-year-old child and attempted to drive away, but stopped the car and jumped into the passenger's seat when he observed a police officer watching him. The police officer asked Billy Jack to get out of the car, but he refused. When the officer tried to physically remove him from the vehicle, Melton swung with a closed first. At that point, multiple officers tried to place Billy Jack under arrest, but he managed to kick their asses for a bit, slamming one into a car. A female officer was thrown to the ground, causing a minor shoulder injury.

Things got hairier from there: An officer was finally able to bum-rush Billy Jack and pin him down, but Melton grabbed for the officer's gun. Thankfully, the officer was finally able to subdue Billy Jack with a forearm shiver.

According to Shakopee Patch, the three officers who got their asses kicked by Melton suffered back and shoulder pain, abrasions, and scratches. Meanwhile, as evidenced by his mug shot, Billy Jack suffered some sort of forehead injury.

Melton has been charged with three felonies, including one count of attempting to disarm an officer and two counts of fourth-degree assault on an officer. He's also charged with three gross misdemeanors: fourth-degree assault, driving while intoxicated, and refusing to submit to a breath test.

Melton was still in Scott County jail last week, but this isn't his first rodeo. Back home in Georgia, he's been convicted for controlled substance, property damage, and aggravated assault-related charges.

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