George Soros hosting Mark Dayton fundraiser with Bill Clinton

George Soros, moneybags.

George Soros, moneybags.

George Soros, the fantastically rich financier and current muse of Glenn Beck's darker paranoias, is all set to host a fundraiser for not-yet-Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton in New York on Dec. 12. Former President Bill Clinton is the guest of honor.

Dayton, no slouch himself when it comes to sitting on a pile of private cash, says he needs the money to help pay for the recount battle here Up North.


We can expect the noise machine to kick into gear on this one, especially since Beck has recently -- and erroneously -- asserted that Soros threw the 2008 Minnesota Senate recount battle for Franken.

The guy who spent the last few elections donating tens of millions of dollars, trying to elect progressive and push the progressive issues, started SOS, where you can control the secretary of state -- you know, the people who are in charge of the recounts in states like, oh, I don't know, Minnesota, Al Franken.

Reality: Soros, and groups he helps support, donated to Franken's Senate campaign, and his recount effort. But the Minnesota Supreme Court found no claim of fraud in the Coleman-Franken election and recount, and Coleman made no claim of fraud by voters or election officials.