Geoff Michel lied about Brodkorb's affair with Koch, complaint says

Geoff Michel "brought the Minnesota Senate into dishonor and disrepute"
Geoff Michel "brought the Minnesota Senate into dishonor and disrepute"

DFL Sen. Sandra Pappas filed an ethics complaint against Sen. Geoff Michel today for his handling of the Amy Koch affair.

Michel "brought the Minnesota Senate into dishonor and disrepute" by failing to appropriately address former Senator Majority Leader Amy Koch's affair with Michael Brodkorb, Pappas claims in a letter to the senate's ethics committee.

Pappas alleges Michel "betrayed the public's trust by making false and clearly misleading public statements regarding when he became aware of an alleged inappropriate relationship" between Koch and Brodkorb.

At the heart of Pappas' complaint is Michel's response to Koch's affair.

Michel initially lied to reporters about when he learned of the affair, Pappas alleges. He claimed to have learned about it "two weeks" before Koch's resignation. In truth, he had learned about the affair in September from former Senate Chief of Staff Cullen Sheehan.

Pappas claims Michel failed to "fully and swiftly address the alleged inappropriate relationship between [Koch and Brodkorb] until its public disclosure was imminent."

In a statement, Michel derided Pappas' complaint.

"This is about politics and payback and has nothing to do with ethics. The DFL wants a few more headlines. The conflict of interest has been resolved. The workplace environment has improved. And, we did this while protecting whistleblowers and staff."

Michel has requested "an immediate hearing" on the complaint.


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