General Mills protest: Homophobe megafails while trying to light Cheerios on fire [VIDEO]

Cheerios: "Really the treat now for homosexuals."
Cheerios: "Really the treat now for homosexuals."

:: UPDATE :: The General Mills Cheerios-burning Flaming Homophobe is Michael Leisner, 65

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Yesterday, video of a middle-aged man megafailing while trying to light a box of Cheerios on fire in protest of General Mills' support for same-sex marriage found its way onto YouTube... and the only thing that could've made it more enjoyable would've been if the flames spread to the guy's shirt or hair.

To top it off, the protester is wearing a pink shirt! As one YouTube commenter put it, "The Cheerios aren't the only thing flaming."

In the clip, the man begins by saying, "One out of every eight boxes of cereal in this country is Cheerios."

"This is really the treat now for homosexuals," he continues. "And this is our protest of General Mills advocating same-sex marriages, so we are going to torch some cereal."

After clumsily lighting the cereal on fire, the man sets the box on the ground, and the flames quickly spread across the grass. As panic begins to set in, the man tells the young-sounding girl shooting the video and whatever other accomplices were along for the fiasco to "Get out of here, guys."

"Quick! Quick, get in the car!" he says as he grabs his materials and flees the scene while the girl laughs at him.

Let's hope somebody can use the footage to identify this jackass. He deserves to be prosecuted for damage to property, arson, being a total knucklehead.... something.

Without further ado, here's the video:

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