Geek Squad: im in ur hard drive, steeling ur pr0n

Last week, watchdog website The Consumerist posted a long confession allegedly written by an employee of Bloomington-based computer fix-it service Geek Squad.

The disgruntled Geek claimed that the men in the cute New Beetles have been corrupted by their relationship with Best Buy.

The most disturbing—and totally believable—charge? That techies snoop around customers' computers for homemade porn, downloading personal nudie pics onto their own flash drives.

We called a local Best Buy/Geek Squad outlet for reassurance.

"That's absolutely not our practice—it's part of our policy to keep files private," said the Agent. "Although we might see the names of the files pop up, if you've saved pictures as your screensaver."

So we asked, What if we brought in, say, a spouse's computer? Would you search that for hidden porn at our behest?

The Agent paused. "We can do that."