Gay marriage opponents waved bizarre signs during yesterday's Capitol rally [PHOTOS]

We wonder what kind of 'logic' this guy used to reach this conclusion.
We wonder what kind of 'logic' this guy used to reach this conclusion.
Photo shared by @dbrauer on Twitter

With the Dibble-Clark marriage equality bill set to get its first hearings next week and supporters reportedly already having enough votes to get the bill over its first legislative hurdle, about 1,000 opponents of gay marriage held a last-ditch rally at the Capitol yesterday.

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You probably wouldn't be surprised by anything said during the event's speeches, which contained the usual bromides about the perils gay marriage allegedly poses to society and rhetoric about how voters "were sold a bill of goods" when they were told voting no on the marriage amendment last November didn't mean voting yes for marriage equality. But you might be surprised by the curious claims made by some of the signs gay marriage opponents were photographed waving.

Here's a selection of shots uploaded to Twitter during the event:

Though the AP reports that the Dibble-Clark bill already has enough votes to get through the House Civil Law Committee, some Republicans think there's sufficient opposition to kill the bill once it reaches the House floor. From Forum Communication's Don Davis:

Rep. Debra Kiel, R-Crookston, said she has heard that enough rural Democrats will vote with Republicans against the gay marriage bill to give it no chance. But discussing the issue should not be anyone's priority this legislative session, she said.

"It is a divisive conversation," she said. "We should be dealing with the budget."

The Civil Law Committee is scheduled to debate Clark's marriage equality bill next Tuesday at 8:15 a.m., while Dibble's version is on the Senate Judiciary Committee's docket that same day at noon.

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