Gay man harassed by group of kids after Twin Cities Pride


As one gay man left the Twin Cities Pride festival near downtown Minneapolis, a group of young kids followed him for quite awhile, taunting the man and yelling homophobic slurs.

This likely isn't the only incident following Twin Cities Pride, but it's just one example of the terrible harassment seen in our cities despite the overwhelming outpouring of support seen at the parade and Loring Park.

The kids can be heard yelling "I hate gay people," "Fuck gay people," and "I hate fags" among other things. The man holds him composure and the kids eventually stop following him.

Here is what the person said who posted the video on YouTube:

My friend and I were leaving the Gay Pride Festival in Minneapolis, MN (6/27/09) and came across a group of Somalian kids who asked my friend if he was gay. When he answered "yes", they proceeded to harass him and me with verbal threats and even throwing rocks at my friend at one point. Sad...
Watch the video of the incident below (via).