Gay activist glitters anti-gay protesters, who get pissed [VIDEO]

"Now you're glittering senior citizens?"
"Now you're glittering senior citizens?"

Supporters of the anti-gay marriage amendment turned out at General Mills recently to protest the company's stance against the marriage amendment, and were countered by at least one young activist who walked down the picket line throwing glitter on them.

That didn't go over well with the conservative protesters, especially when the activist, whose name is unknown, began glittering senior citizens and children.

"Yeah, we're fags, we hate children," the young protester can be heard saying at one point.

Michele Bachmann's former chief of staff Andy Parrish, who's been spotted at oil wrestling shows in the past, uploaded the video to YouTube.

"He just glittered kids again," says the narrator after the protester sprinkles a couple of kids with glitter. The narrator is equally upset later when the kid walks down a picket line glittering old folks.

"Now you're glittering senior citizens?" the man holding the videocamera asks.

"Oh, you hate, that's what you do?" one protester asks him. "Yep," the glitter-throwing activist answers. "Not that much different from you, hon."

"Hey, buddy, you can't put stuff on people."

"What, what am I doing? I'm putting it in the wind. It's the wind's fault," the young activist says.

"Nasty nasty," one protester responds. "You've got a bad attitude."

In the video, several protesters admonish him not to "be throwing stuff on people," but he keeps at it, waving at protesters and smiling.

"Shame! Shame!" one woman shouts.

"Shame on you!" he shoots back.

At the end, a conservative activist gets on the microphone and announces that glitter-bombing is assault.

"We do not assault people. We would never assault anybody. Shame on you for assaulting people."

"Shame on you for assaulting my rights!" the young man shouts back.

"Shame on you for assaulting people," the conservative drolly responds.

Watch the video here:

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