Gawker speculates wildly about Tim Pawlenty and prostitutes

America's new favorite guessing game is "Which governor is banging a hooker?

The speculation began after Sunday's Daily News reported that a prostitute who serviced Eliot Spitzer claims she also had sex with a mystery governor. The clues: 

"I had two more dates with the governor. Never in public. Always for just an hour, around dinner time. He'd arrive at the apartment in a suit. I never had a problem with him, like I did with Spitzer. He was always nice. There wasn't a lot of conversation. It wasn't a girlfriend experience, but he was relaxed. He was very appreciative, like I was giving him a sort of affection he wasn't getting elsewhere. Later I found out he was married. His wife is quite prominent in her own right."

Which led Gawker to "speculate recklessly" about which governor it might be, including Minnesota's own Tim Pawlenty.

Tim Pawlenty (75-1) The Minnesota governor is considered by many to be a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, thus he merits consideration. Period.

Gawker is missing an important detail, however: Pawlenty's wife Mary wouldn't be considered "prominent" by any stretch of the imagination (although TPaw did once joke about not being able to get her to have sex with him, which fits the whole hooker thing).

It's clearly Ah-nold. Now can we move on?

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