Gawker names Minnesota the 6th best state in America

No, Minnesota, you're welcome, for being so awesome.

No, Minnesota, you're welcome, for being so awesome.

In between bubble teas and rolled cigarettes, leading social scientists Gawker polled each of their staff members and asked them to rate each state on a scale of 1-10. Guess what, Minnesota? They like us!

In Gawker's cynical eyes, Minnesota is the 45th least-worst state, making us the 6th best.

"The land o' lakes," Gawker's Richard Larson writes, "sometimes appears to be about as perfect a slice of Americana as can be."

Minnesota rates high on Gawker's list thanks to its pretty scenery and pleasant attitude. But, as can be inferred from a "Worst 50" list, it's mainly because we don't have many negatives.


In fact -- since we're not accepting blame for the weather -- bad politics is one of the only things we've got against us. Gawker faults Minnesota for the state shutdown and, yes, Michele Bachmann.

Gawker thinks we're not cool because of Michele Bachmann.

Gawker thinks we're not cool because of Michele Bachmann.

Here's the full listing under the "Good" for Minnesota, in which Lawson proves that even when you're complimenting someone, it's important to belittle them at the same time.

The Twin Cities area tends to be a pragmatically progressive, pleasant place to live. There's lots of good cultural stuff like theater and all that. Outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul, there is lots of picturesque, Scandinavian-tilled farmland dotted with lakes. That landscape is also, at one point anyway, dotted with the Mall of America, an enormous shopping complex complete with indoor Nickelodeon theme park. If that's too crassly commercial for you, down the road a bit is the (disputed) world's largest ball of twine. Oh, and one of Minnesota's senators is Stuart Smalley! The best thing about Minnesota, though? Fried food.

On a scale of 1-10, Minnesota came out with an average rating of 7.11, just behind Washington and Oregon.

The No. 50 least-worst, and therefore the best state, is New York, according to the Gawker writers who live there. Gawker pats its own state on the back for, among other things, legalizing gay marriage -- which should probably also have boosted Iowa somewhere near the top, since it had gay marriage before New York.

Speaking of Iowa, and the rest of the Midwest, they're not on the list, at least not yet. Gawker only released Nos. 50-43 today, and except for Minnesota, they're all East Coast, West Coast, and Hawaii.

According to Gawker, the only non-New York states better than Minnesota are Massachusets, Hawaii, Vermont, and California.