Gas station divorces Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean needs a new car wash.

Bradlee Dean needs a new car wash.

Under fire from boycotters and forced to answer uncomfortable questions from the press, the Edina Car Wash has decided to end its relationship with Bradlee Dean's "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide."

Last week, when City Pages reached the car wash manager to ask about the Facebook boycott, she said that yes, Dean's little fundraising teams come out every few months. But, she went on, everyone had the wrong idea about these guys.

In a a statement posted to its website yesterday, Edina Car Wash admits that it was probably them who had the wrong idea.

"While we find no fault with a Biblically based Christian message, we do take issue with the lack of respect Mr. Dean personally has shown on occasion when communicating that Christian message he claims to support," the statement says. "Therefore, effective today, we are no longer going to allow the organization that Mr. Dean heads to use our facility."


Okay, so "lack of respect" is a bit underwhelming when it comes to some of the stuff Dean's said, including -- most infamously, and the line that he's suing everyone over --  when he expressed something like envy in saying that Muslims show their faith by executing gay people.

The boycott's symbol: Simple enough for you?

The boycott's symbol: Simple enough for you?

When City Pages asked about Bradlee Dean last week, the manager at Edina Car Wash, who declined to give her name, said Dean's bad reputation was unfair. The manager said Dean's lawsuits against MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and the Minnesota Independent's Andy Birkey -- both of whom happen to be gay journalists whose crime was quoting Dean word-for-word -- would help clear Dean's name.

"The group that they're upset with," she said, referring to Dean's ministry, "was misquoted, which, they're currently in a lawsuit that they're trying to get it retracted."
But something's changed pretty deep in the Edina Car Wash mindset since then, thanks to the boycott of Gabe Aderhold, the 17-year-old who started the "Boycott Edina Car Wash" Facebook page. Aderhold spotted Dean's "street teams," made up of young fundraisers, outside the Edina Car Wash and decided to start the boycott.

In its statement, Edina Car Wash says Aderhold unfairly accused them of sympathizing with Dean's most extreme opinions, but admitted that his pressure forced their hand:

Mr. Aderhold alleges that because Mr. Dean is the founder and principle of "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide" and that he promotes "hate" toward gay and lesbian persons we are guilty of the same by association. We have supported this organization, along with many others, but not Mr. Bradlee Dean personally. We have taken these accusations seriously and in no way do we hate or promote hatred of any people groups.
Minnesota Independent tracked down Aderhold after the announcement, and he told them he hadn't expected to succeed so quickly at getting Dean's team banned.

"I was a little surprised actually," Aderhold said. "But I think he saw where we are coming from so I respect that final decision."

The number of businesses that will allow Dean to raise money has narrowed a bit, and though he might not appreciate it this morning, in a way that Dean ought to appreciate as most American -- the First Amendment, capitalism, and a bit of public shaming.