Gary Vaynerchuk at MIMA: Best quotes (Rated R for language)

"The larger the crowd, the more I curse," admitted the man who would be the highlight of yesterday's big marketing conference at the downtown Hilton. Wine entrepreneur and lovably crass motivational speaker Gary Vaynerchuk kicked off The Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association summit with a bang at 9 a.m., waking up the 1,000 attendees better than 5 cups of cold-press coffee could.

The loud and boisterous Vaynerchuk told the story of how he took his father's Jersey wine business (Wine Library) from a $3 million to $60 million business in one year, and how he dominated the Internet as wine's most entertaining guy with his Wine Library TV blog. Captivating the audience with his frank declarations about business through his own personal stories, Vaynerchuk for an hour owned the room of web marketers, interactive designers, media strategists and other such purveyors of nerdery (said with love, of course). He sent them off to their Twitter and web analytics workshops with a vigorously inspiring message: The customer will no longer be bullshitted and all businesses, regardless of size, must live by small town rules again thanks to the "massive culture shift" brought on by social media.  

Here are some of Gary's best quotes (and there were many):

On starting his own business when he was 6 years old (corner lemonade stands):
"I used to ride my Big Wheel and go pick up cash like I was a mob boss or something."

On reluctance to join Foursquare:
"I dunno, asshole, maybe when Jack Daniels gives you a free shot at the bar you're gonna fucking check in."

On the influence of the Internet:
"The Internet is only 15 years old. It hasn't even had sex yet and already it's dominating."

On putting his father's wine store on the web in '97:
"The speaker after me thought it was crazy and said, 'No one will ever buy anything on the web.' Guess who was on the wrong side of history? NEVER be on record as being on the fucking wrong side of history."

On social media web clients:
"I could care less about the platform. It's all about the message."

On marketing to aid customers to tell their story:
"Remember the guy in the '80s walking around with a boombox on his shoulder? Why'd he do that? Because it told a story about who he was. Expressing yourself is big business."

On companies using social media just for kicks:
"Don't cheese it up. People's bullshit radars are insane. Marketing is about to get really, really hard. If you're just doing social media to keep up with the Joneses - don't."

On Web 2.0:
"We are massively underestimating this culture shift... We are in the era of the humanization of business. We're living by small town rules again."

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We asked our @citypages Twitter followers if they went, to tell us their favorite part:

@prhenderson: @citypages My picks: @garyvee 's opening keynote rocked! @cecilysommers' breakout session inspired! #MIMASummit

@mngurl1183: my favorite part of #mimasummit was the workshops - they were very fun and interactive.

@meshachweber: @brandbuilder and @aimclear were highlights 4 me. Straight-shooting, no-nonsense and full of valuable insight. And both gr8

@chuckumentary: Meeting @xenijardin was my favorite part of #mimasummit. Oh, and the learning.

@adamproehl: #mimasummit morning keynote from @garyvee got the energy going this morning. That was my fav

@1socialmarketer: @citypages the morning keynote was the best part, hands down. #mimasummit

@keithprivette: nope this guy: @thebrandbuilder! RT @1Socialmarketer: @citypages the morning keynote was the best part, hands down. #mimasummit

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