Gary Tinsley death: Gophers senior linebacker dead at 22 [UPDATE]

This morning, news circulated of a University of Minnesota student found dead at the Roy Wilkins Hall dormitory.

Shortly thereafter, Gophers basketball player Chip Armelin tweeted: "Rest In Peace to Gary Tinsley, Senior Linebacker For The Gophers." Later reports confirmed Tinsley was indeed the student found dead in the dorms.

Just days ago, The Bleacher Report characterized Tinsley as the team's "best defensive player for the last two seasons."

Prior to emerging on the field during his junior and senior season, Tinsley had a couple scrapes with the law. Most seriously, during the spring following his sophomore season, he was charged with two felonies and suspended from the team after fleeing police on his moped while intoxicated. But in recent years Tinsley seemed to turn his personal life around and news of his death was received with an outpouring of sadness from the University of Minnesota community.

Fox 9, reporting the student death at Roy Wilkins Hall dormitory, wrote that "no foul play is suspected and police don't believe alcohol or drugs contributed to the death." Police later characterized Tinsley's death as "suspicious," but added that there was nothing about the scene of death suggesting a crime had been committed.

One of the first tweets reporting that the dead student at the dorm was Tinsley was offered up by Adam Carter, news reporter and anchor for WCCO Radio:

More detail came courtesy of Star Tribune blogger Nadine Babu:

A couple hours after the initial reports, Fox 9 confirmed Tinsley's death. From producer Seth Kaplan:

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