Gary Schroeder denies plundering $500,000 from sick relative's bank accounts


Parkinson's disease is incurable. It robs people of their ability to move around and to speak, and causes them to tremble uncontrollably. Shirley Schroeder's cousin suffers from the disease, and is being cared for in a Minnesota assisted living facility. In 2002, Schroeder, of Green Bay, Wis., was appointed as a trustee of her cousin's bank accounts.

It sounds like the Schroeders may not have had the sick woman's best interests in mind, as they set up a bank account and began transferring money from one to the other in 2003, police said. Now, both Shirley and her husband, Gary Schroeder, stand accused of plundering the incapacitated relative's accounts to fund everything from utility payments to casino trips, the Green Bay Press Gazette reports. Gary Schroeder pleaded not guilty to the charges yesterday in Appleton. His wife is expected to enter her plea later this month.