Gary Schiff challenges Bradlee Dean to debate over "Third World" south Mpls comments

Gary Schiff hopes Bradlee Dean isn't afraid to have dinner with two gay guys
Gary Schiff hopes Bradlee Dean isn't afraid to have dinner with two gay guys
City of Minneapolis

City Councilman Gary Schiff is challenging Bradlee Dean to a debate over Dean's comments disparaging south Minneapolis as a "Third World country."

"You call it the Third World, Bradlee Dean, I call it the Ninth Ward," Schiff posted on Facebook. "When you are ready to crawl out of your cave, I will gladly challenge you to a debate as to who better reflects the American Dream: you, or my constituents and the better world they are creating."

Schiff tells City Pages the challenge comes with a condition: Dean has to visit the Schiff home for dinner and share a meal with Schiff, his partner, David Barela, and Barela's mother. " I would hope he's not afraid to have dinner with two gay guys and their mom," Schiff said.

Dean is a right-wing ideologue known for his gay-bashing lectures.

In past years, he was the Minnesota Republican Party's favorite preacher, although he's fallen out of favor with the GOP in recent months.

On his radio show, Dean recently said that he'd visited south Minneapolis to purchase some "steak sauce" and was surprised to find that the area resembled a "Third World country."

After Schiff read the remarks, he challenged Dean to defend the district's honor.

"You don't come in my neighborhood and call it a Third World country and get away with it," Schiff says.

Schiff said he has no idea if Dean will accept the challenge -- "I don't have his phone number" -- but he did have good news for Dean, who is a famously sloppy dresser.

"You know, even tracksuits are welcome at my house," Schiff says.

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