Gary Constans loses license for driving too slowly, says "It's totally communism"

"There's no freedom anymore," Gary Constans said following the appeals court's decision.
"There's no freedom anymore," Gary Constans said following the appeals court's decision.

Gary Constans hasn't complied with nine requests from authorities to, for God's sake, drive faster. So now he won't be able to lawfully drive at all.

This week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld a decision to revoke Constans' license.

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"Constans has repeatedly disregarded warnings from law enforcement officers that his driving creates dangerous driving conditions for everyone on these two-lane roads," the court ruled. He "knows the rules of the road, but he chooses to ignore them, despite increased risk to the public."

Constans told the Pioneer Press he tries to drive no faster than 48 miles per hour even on rural highways because going slow helps him save on gas and avoid hitting "critters."

"I go really, really slow so I have time to brake," he said.

Constans lives in rural Lester Prairie, so his life will probably be more difficult without a driver's license. But during his chat with the PiPress, the retired Postal Service worker demonstrated a sense of humor about his situation.

"I just thank the Lord I'm retired from all my jobs, and I thank the Lord I don't have a wife, because could you see her yelling at me?" he said.

He also blamed his plight on the political philosophy of Marx, Stalin, and Mao, despite the fact that he's repeatedly been reported for not only driving slowly, but also driving erratically.

"It's totally communism," he said. "There's no freedom anymore."

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