Gary Brown charged in child prostitution sting

Gary Brown denied he planned to distribute the videotape.

Gary Brown denied he planned to distribute the videotape.

In a pretty sick "take your pick," Gary Brown was allegedly given the choice of paying to have sex with a 12-year-old girl, an eight-year-old girl, or a five-year-old girl. He chose the eight-year-old, and was willing to pay $400 for a videotaped session.

What Brown, a 58-year-old from Apple Valley, didn't know was that the person offering him the girl was setting him up with the police. When Brown arrived at a St. Paul hotel room for his "date" on Monday, he spoke with another woman, and made arrangements to videotape the sex, the Pioneer Press reports.

Moments later, that woman, along with Brown's reputation, left the room, and cops rushed in to arrest him.


Brown originally told police he wouldn't have made the arrangements if the woman hadn't called him first, according to the PiPress.

Soon he relented, and admitted he'd first brought up the topic 15 years earlier with the same woman. But he denied any plans to distribute the planned sex tape, which would, of course, add child pornography charges on to his troubles.

Brown posted a $20,000 bond, and is walking free until his next court date on Thursday.