Gary Boisclair, congressional candidate, running graphic dead fetus ad on Twin Cities TV [VIDEO]

Thanks to federal law, local stations are powerless to prevent Boisclair from airing his anti-abortion ad.
Thanks to federal law, local stations are powerless to prevent Boisclair from airing his anti-abortion ad.

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Congressional candidate Gary Boisclair has absolutely no chance to defeat Keith Ellison in an August 14 Democratic primary, but he's making some noise with the graphic anti-abortion ad he's been running on local TV.

Boisclair, a 44-year-old West Virginia resident originally from Buffalo, Minnesota, is financing the ad -- which is running on all the major Twin Cities networks, including during NBC's Olympic coverage on KARE -- through his own campaign funds. And unfortunately for our local networks and TV watchers, federal law prevents stations from rejecting or altering ads bought and paid for by registered federal candidates who are actively campaigning.

Boisclair works closely with Randall Terry, a longtime anti-abortion crusader who made a name for himself protesting abortion clinics throughout the country. Terry told the Star Tribune ads like the one Boisclair is running here are intended to "shake the consciences of American voters" and raise abortion as a major issue in this year's presidential election.

From the Strib:

Boisclair, nephew of the late Twin Cities high-rise developer Robert Boisclair, is not shy about seeking attention for his cause, which is using the legal framework of a long-shot congressional campaign to secure uncensored air time for its graphic images of abortion...

The strategy, pioneered in a District of Columbia race in 2010, represents a reversal of the recent practice where special interest groups run thinly disguised "issue ads" to help candidates they support. In this case, [Hamline University law professor David] Schultz said, the candidacy appears to be a pretext for raising an issue.

In addition to being anti-abortion, Boisclair is also anti-Islam -- he characterized Ellison's religion as having "a long history of shedding blood."

During a news conference yesterday, Boisclair told reporters he's been receiving death threats over the ad, but said he doesn't plan to back down.

"If you find that my television commercials are ugly, think rather of how ugly abortion is," he said. "And think that you have a representative named Mr. Ellison, who is fine with the murder of the unborn."

Here's a transcript of Boisclair's don't-watch-over-dinner ad, following by the video:

[An image of a pregnant mother's stomach] This is beautiful, beautiful beyond words. [An image of a dead fetus] This is ugly, ugly beyond description. Who would do this? Who would kill an unborn baby? Congressman Keith Ellison, for one.

Ellison has voted repeatedly to fund the slaughter of babies by the criminal syndicate Planned Parenthood, who kills 1,000 babies a day and throws their mangled bodies in sewers and landfills. I'll fight to make it a crime to kill an unborn baby.

I'm Gary Boisclair and I approve this message.

Will Hailer, Ellison's campaign manager, told the Strib that Boisclair's ad is "clearly designed to divide Minnesotans and spread fear," adding that "with his official residence listed in West Virginia, it's not surprising that Mr. Boisclair's views are out of touch with Minnesota values."

"Conversely, Representative Ellison is a proud advocate for inclusion, dialogue and a woman's right to access comprehensive reproductive health care," Hailer said.

One bit of good news -- with the DFL primary coming up next Tuesday, soon it'll again be safe to eat dinner while watching the 5 o'clock news.

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