Garrott Kuzzy, from Olympics, lobbies Tim Pawlenty via blog for Wirth Park funds


Garrott Kuzzy, of Golden Valley, labors away in a relatively obscure sport by U.S. stick-and-ball standards: Nordic skiing. And he's good. So good, in fact, that he's on the U.S. Ski Team competing right now in Vancouver, Canada.

Kuzzy also keeps a blog, where he posts stories and photos of his experiences at the games and beyond, and he's using that soap box and his Olympic good will to ask Gov. Tim Pawlenty to support additional state funding to create a winter Olympic Training Center at Theodore Wirth Park in Golden Valley.

Besides offering a place for local Olympians to train, the center would attract national and international events, it would be an economic boon, Kuzzy says. It's already in line to host the 2011 Cross Country Junior Olympics.

The issue: Funding for the center was recently included in the 2010 bonding bill vetoed by Pawlenty.