Garrison Keillor's brother dies after fall at ice rink

Phillip Keillor, brother of Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor, died Friday after a fall on the ice in Madison, Wis. He was 71.

Phillip Keillor was out on an ice rink with his granddaughter when he fell backward and hit his head on the ice 12 days ago, according to the Daily Cardinal. The head injury led to his death, his wife says.

Phillip Keillor was a coastal engineer and co-founder of Porchlight Inc., a program to help the homeless population in Madison.

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Steve Schooler, Porchlight's executive director, spoke of Keillor's compassion in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal.

"What was really important about him was his compassion for people in desperate straits," Schooler said. "He saw them as real human beings, not problems."

Keillor spent most of his career at the UW-Madison Sea Grant Institute researching and providing outreach activities on Great Lakes issues. Keillor retired from the institute in 2003.