Garrison Keillor is now officially in the John Birch Society's dog house


The John Birch Society, long thought a relic of a darker time in America for its communist conspiracy theories and its opposition to civil rights for blacks, has been making a comeback of late with Republicans, if its co-sponsorship of this years CPAC meeting is any indication.

Now, Garrison Keillor has been added to their list of communist threats:

"How should we categorize the new Lake Wobego-going-gone Keillor?" asks Linda Schrock Taylor on the organization's Web site. "Joseph Sobran once explained that 'Socialism is Communism with patience; that Communism is Socialism in a hurry.' Everyone from Bo, Pelosi, Reid, Keillor, and all of their ilk, phrases everything as an emergency; a must hurry, hurry, hurry; a need to force, force, force."

Taylor says she's unhappy with having to read Keillor's liberal opinions, as delivered in the op-ed section of her local daily newspaper.

"Bo, Keillor, Pelosi, Reid, Van Jones, and all of the radical Left are...Communists in a big rush to change America before Americans even wake up to the threat," she says.

We trust that the baritone-voiced "Prairie Home Companion" host, best-selling author, bookstore owner and resident of St. Paul's Cathedral Hill is smiling at the notion he is a member of a communist plot to ruin the country.