Gardenhire blows cool over Avila's controversial double. (Yes, the Twins lost again)

Gardy pops.

Gardy pops.

We wuz robbed. And with the utterly awful Twins scrounging for every run they can this season, is it any wonder Ron Gardenhire went crazy on the umps for allowing the Tigers' a double off Alex Avila's bat in the eighth?

Avila knocked the ball off the ground-level stands on the left-field line, where it hit a fan, and Gardy was furious at third-base umpire Gary Darling for not holding Jhonny Peralta at third on a ground-rule double.


But the run counted, because Darling thought a fan in an orange short (at left) was reaching for the ball and ruled spectator interference instead.

No way, Delmon Young told the Strib, after seeing the ball's trajectory up close. "It was a dead ball [ground-rule double] right there, and I don't think Peralta was even halfway to third base."

The replay favors the Twins, too. But Gardy was ejected, and the Twins lost (again), 6-5, for a 17-35 season to date.

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Delmon Young, on the scene of the crime.

Delmon Young, on the scene of the crime.

Fan interference? We think not.