Gangster Disciples have hits out on Twin Cities cops following fishy officer-involved shooting

St. Paul cops killed Gaddy (pictured), one of the Disciples' highest-ranking Twin Cities members.
St. Paul cops killed Gaddy (pictured), one of the Disciples' highest-ranking Twin Cities members.

Police officers are on "high alert" in Minneapolis and St. Paul after the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples "ordered a hit on any officer in either department," KSTP reports.

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The hit comes in response to last week's controversial officer-involved shooting of Victor Gaddy, street name Gov. Gaddy, according to KSTP, was the Disciples' third highest-ranking member in the Twin Cities.

Just before 4 p.m. last Tuesday, Gaddy was shot and killed while driving his car in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood by a St. Paul officer who was working jointly with Minneapolis cops on a drug investigation. Cops say Gaddy, 41, started ramming unmarked police vehicles with his car after he was cornered and "appeared to use his car as a weapon," but a passenger who was riding with Gaddy disputes that version of events.

Furthermore, a Pioneer Press photo (visible on the bottom of this report) appears to show that Gaddy's car was undamaged, which seems like an unlikely outcome if he was really using it to aggressively ram police vehicles.

"To justify taking this person's life, I would at least want to see some damage to the vehicle," Jeff Martin, president of the NAACP's St. Paul chapter, told the Pioneer Press. "To use lethal force on someone, I would think they would want to try other avenues first rather than executing the gentleman."

The Gaddy shooting was the first of two fatal officer-involved shootings in St. Paul last Tuesday. The SPD has begun an internal investigation into the circumstances of Gaddy's death.

Gaddy, a well-known Twin Cities drug dealer who was particularly active in South Minneapolis, is the 53rd person to be killed this year in America during drug-related law enforcement operations.

Here's a bit more from KSTP about the Gangster Disciple's hit:

St. Paul City Council member, Dan Bostrom, confirmed that the entire St. Paul Police Department has been put on "high alert." He was told the gang wants revenge for Gaddy's death and they have ordered a hit on any officer in either department.

Bostrom says authorities are taking the threat seriously because the informants' information was very similar and they would not have had the opportunity to make the story up. Bostrom says the Gangster Disciples have killed officers in other cities and would not be afraid to do it again.

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