Game Informer grows explosively in 2011, now 4th largest magazine

Game Informer continues to grow while other magazines shrink.
Game Informer continues to grow while other magazines shrink.

The market for print magazines in shriveling, according to a report released Tuesday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. During the fourth quarter last year, single-copy sales of consumer magazines declined by nearly 10 percent compared with the year before.

But one Minneapolis-based magazine continues to buck the trend and grow. Compared to 2010, Game Informer's paid circulation increased an astonishing 48 percent. To put that in context, of the 10 largest magazines in the world, Game Informer was the only one to grow by more than even one percent last year.

Believe it or not, Game Informer is now the fourth-largest magazine in the world in terms of circulation, trailing only AARP Magazine (which ranks as largest), AARP Bulletin, and Better Homes in Garden. In other words, Game Informer is now the largest magazine in the world that anyone under the age of 40 actually reads.

So while the proliferation of online media continues to reduce the importance of printed words and the number of people who regularly read them, Game Informer looks like it's only growing. Perhaps the ever-increasing popularity of video games surmounts all the countervailing trends.

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