Gail Gagne's sexual assault trial moved to November

The case of the Creditin-Derham Hall student befriended and then allegedly bedded by Gail Gange, has taken another twist. Her trial on sexual assault charges, which was to have started next week, has been delayed to November.

Gagne's accused of taking the student to her Bloomington home in the summer of 2008 and performing oral sex on him, and then on another occasion booking a room at a Bloomington hotel, spending the night there with student and having sex with him.

At the time, she was 25 years old and working as the school's weight-room supervisor. He was 16 years old. (Read the Gagne criminal complaint here.)

The delay came about at the request of the prosecutor and Gagne's defense lawyer because of recently released cell phone records, according to the Strib.

Gagne is the daughter of pro wrestler Greg Gagne and the granddaughter of Verne Gagne, a pro wrestler now in the grips of Alzheimers Disease in the memory-loss unit of Friendship Village in Bloomington. In January 2009, he and Helmut Gutmann, another patient at the facility, were involved in an altercation that ended in Guttman's death.

A warrant was issued for Gagne's arrest on Dec. 3. She surrendered to authorities and was arrested a little over a week later. She pleaded not guilty and is currently free on bond.

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