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Readers respond to "Speak No Evil"

Nick Coleman has not had his rights violated, and St. John's is perfectly entitled to yank his appointment. Still, I'd never thought you could put a price on the unfettered flow of ideas and opinions. Apparently St. John's has, and it's $20,000 a year.

Augustus Miller

Well, I toured St. John's last summer with one of my sons, and we were very impressed. However, this article kills any chance of me ever sending any of my sons to St. John's. In fact, I also plan to talk to my daughter tonight. She had her heart set on going to St. Benedict's, but I don't want her in this environment. I, personally, don't care for Coleman's columns and his opinions, but they are his opinions, and he has a right to them. This Busch jerk thinks that if he doesn't agree with an opinion, it's false and a lie. It's America-haters like Busch who are weakening the foundation of our nation by chipping away at the very principles that led to the founding of this once-great nation.


If private, religious educational institutions like St. John's continue to isolate and insulate themselves to keep the big money from ever having to hear a contrary opinion, they will soon become irrelevant in contemporary society. You'd think an institution of the Catholic church would have figured that out by now, but if there's any of man's creations that can be blind and stupid, it's a hierarchical institution dependent on money.

sw mn guy

Just another example of how St. John's is steadily going downhill. I went there, and I used to think that St. John's was the only bastion of rational, liberal thought in the Catholic world (something desperately needed since PJPII), but the school is becoming more regressive, and more expensive, by the year. One thing is for certain . . . none of my kids are going there, and they will never get a dime from me for the alumni fund.


Well, it seems that Mr. Busch is a good example of "just because you have money, doesn't make you smart." I guess those 3M workers should be thanking the lord every morning that they have a job . . . or wait, maybe 3M should be thanking the lord that they had employees that showed up everyday, because it would be hard to make Scotchguard without any employees! I guess he feels like workers owe something to management.

Jeffrey Bragg

I'm a Johnnie, too. I think the actions of the alums who forced out Coleman are despicable, and the actions of the administration that caved in to these alums is embarrassing. I don't have the money that these alums have, but I won't be anxious to hand over any of it next time I see a (320) 363- ____ on the caller ID. And do they REALLY have something named after Mark Kennedy?


I think anyone who's been around the McCarthy Center knows that it's very open and inclusive of people of all political stripes. According to the university, Coleman's one-year contract was fulfilled (i.e., there were no "pink slips" involved at all). Maybe there were other reasons St. John's chose to take a break from the Senior Fellows program.


There is a big difference between not having a contract or fellowship renewed at end of term and being fired. Well, the difference is that one lets Nick generate headlines for himself, the other lets him fade into the woodwork. Seeing as how Nick is such a big fan of the entitlement/plantation economy, it's only natural that he would holler about not having his fellowship renewed.


Nick Coleman is tame. I like him, but if his entirely relevant, fact-based columns are giving some alum from 1912 the vapors, causing him to drop his dentures into the salad while rushing to the defense of some poor, put-upon GINORMOUS FORTUNE 500 company, he is doing his job. I can't believe how many morons are commenting on this site in defense of the reactionary douchebags and the cowardly Catholic university.

Paul Scott

I don't care how old this Busch guy is, he's a moron. He needs to go back to St. John's and re-take freshman comp.


Oh well. It's easy enough to rename it the Joseph Raymond McCarthy center—and maybe that would be a blessing. Gene McCarthy has got to be rolling in his grave on this one.


When I read that Nick Coleman lost his fellowship with St John's, I couldn't help but note that I haven't heard of a single right-wing commentator losing their job because they were "too rude." Indeed, if rudeness were grounds for dismissal, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter would all be out of jobs.

Mike Wallis

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