Gabrielle Allen allegedly throws puppies at violent boyfriend, gets arrested

Gabrielle Allen and her boyfriend, David Remme, were arguing outside an apartment complex in Fridley early this morning when he allegedly struck her in the face, breaking her nose.

Allen, in retaliation, made it rain. With pit bull pups.

Three one-week-old puppies were sitting on the front seat of her boyfriend's pickup truck, and after he struck her, Allen, 20, tossed the dogs at him. She was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. Remme, 25, is being held on suspicion of third-degree assault.

After Allen tossed them, the baby pit bulls landed on the concrete parking lot. But police have said that the puppies appear to be alright.

It's too bad the dogs got tossed, but we can't really blame Allen. After all, if somebody hits you in the face hard enough to break your nose, you've got to do whatever you can to protect yourself. Even shot put adorable baby dogs, if necessary.

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