Gabriella Bernabei kept 100 dead cats in a freezer for Wiccan ways

Gabriella Bernabei kept 100 dead cats in a freezer for Wiccan ways
Photo: daveynin

Why were there 100 dead cats in Gabriella Bernabei's on-the-fritz freezer? She hadn't had time to bury them all.

And besides, she says, there were more like 500, not 100. And the freezer was working. Really it was.

Also, the Wisconsin woman and her boyfriend are being persecuted for being a Wiccan.

So, we're feeling better about this already, right?

No, we're not.

A couple of weeks ago, the local social services office took the couple's three children away and placarded the home, according to WEAU.

"The unkempt house and the combination of the fecal matter from the animals with other contributing factors did not make the conditions of the home livable," Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera told the station.

From the local sheriff's press release, as carried by the WEAU.

On Thursday, June 03, 2010 the Sheriff's Office assisted Jackson County Department of Social Services and the Jackson County Public Health Department at N10377 Samuelson Lane in the Township of Northfield with a home visit and inspection. During the inspection we noticed numerous cats that appeared to be sick and without cleaned litter boxes. On June 3rd, the health officers placarded the residence due to its unsafe health conditions.

Based upon information gathered during the inspection on June 3rd, investigators were able to obtain a search warrant for N10377 Samuelson Lane. During the search, the carcasses of about 100 dead cats were located in a non-functioning freezer located in the garage. Another 17 live cats and kittens were seized by the animal control officer, Barb Pfaff that appeared to be neglected. The dead animals were seized as evidence and the live ones were turned over to the animal shelter.

Bernabei says her cats were happy.

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